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Hi Everyone,

My HT has come to me with a list of equipment from NESA that is apparently needed to complete the HSC Chemistry course. If anyone can help me out with suppliers or alternative equipment that will do the same thing. I have the majority on the list and some that can be purchased from Westlab as we have the Neulog data loggers.

1. an angular position sensor coupled to a gas syringe to measure changes in gas volume.
2. Oxygen gas sensor
3. Specific ion sensors
4. Coupling device to connect a data logger and electronic scale, (would it be specific to the existing data logger)

Are able to purchase but if they can be done some other way.
1. Carbon dioxide gas sensor, for concentrations of carbon dioxide gas. $500+
2. Pressure sensor $200

Have already among others
conductivity probe
dissolved oxygen sensor
pH electrode

Thanks in advance
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