Attachment - how to add

for anything else that doesn't fit.
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Attachment - how to add

Post by kimmy68 »

ok so I'm getting old I know that but how do I add an attachments - nothing is working for me. :coffee:

I have tried the normal of hitting the tab up on the ribbon with the picture of a picture on it and I get this.


Then when I hit the tab with the link thing I get this

So please help #-o #-o #-o

Kim :-)
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Re: Attachment - how to add

Post by bigmack »

Hi Kimmy
What kind if attachment are you trying to add ?

If its a picture , here is a “how to” I posted a while back .
Always remember that to add an attachment , you must click the “Full Editor & Preview “ button at bottom first.

I forgot to add that very important step at the start of the instructions . #-o

Although the instructions are for attaching a Picture file , you can use the same method to attach other files .

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Re: Attachment - how to add

Post by Merilyn1 »

Thanks for this Bigmack. I've only had a chance to look at those instructions today and it explains why I have never attached a photo! Maybe my future will be different :)
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