Portable Fume hood

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Portable Fume hood

Post by Kathryn »

Hi all

Does anyone have a portable fume hood and if so would you recommend it?

We have one built in fume cupboard but with the larger chemistry classes we now have, it is slow going for the students to have their turn. Therefore we are wondering if a portable / ductless fume cupboard would ease the problem.

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Re: Portable Fume hood

Post by Rowanne »

This topic came up in an email thread in the Laboratory Managers association South Australian but it was put forward as a replacement for a prep area fume hood. I would do some in depth research into them and how they operate and what chemicals you will be using in it before purchasing. The general feeling and opinion of the group was that a portable fume hood isn't really suitable because it has too many limitations. Depending on what chemicals you are using in them, the filtration in them is not going to do the job. So unfortunately I don't think it would be a useful purchase.
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Re: Portable Fume hood

Post by elaruu »

:blush2: We have one as our only fume hood. It was bought a few years ago because the in-built one didn't meet the safety standards in some way. I'm not sure exactly how. It is used very rarely in class, and I use it once every few weeks or so. I feel I would use it much more regularly if it was a built-in one, but as it is it is a bit inconvenient. It is stored in our chemical storeroom but there is no power point in there. To use it I have to pull it out and plug it in just outside the storeroom and it get in the way, so I only have it out for the bare minimum time. In terms of meeting safety standards for our usage, apparently it is fine, but I haven't investigated very thoroughly :blush2: . It is a Cruma 870 https://www.environmental-expert.com/pr ... ods-454377

I think if you are able to have it permanently in the lab it would be a great addition to allow more students to have a turn at the same time.
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