bell jar base plate

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bell jar base plate

Post by RosalieL »

I know bell jars have come up many times before but I can't find the information I'm looking for.

At my previous school, we had a bell jar plate that was plastic but had a rubber seal in a groove that the bell jar sat on. It also had a tap to lock it after creating the vacuum so you could turn off the pump and slowly let the air back in and the bell would get louder. I am hoping to buy one like that for my current school but am having trouble locating it anywhere. I'm hoping someone has purchased one recently or might remember seeing one in a catalogue or when searching online!

Any suggestions on where I should look? Or alternative set-ups that do the same thing?

Oh, and I'm also looking into the oil free pump from MTA (Product Code LION1052060). Any feedback on those?


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Re: bell jar base plate

Post by Anna Z »

We purchased one of these recently for a few of our different size vacuum jars, works really well.

Haines vacuum plate Vacuum plate, on tripod base Item codeP639
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