Expiring chemicals

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Expiring chemicals

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Hello all,

We have some expiring chemicals that we are trying to clear out of our warehouse.

Feel free to grab some :D

AR0101005P Sea Sand TG, Washed, Coarse, No Cancellations, EXPIRING 01/2026
Quantity: 1

BL011-2-5L 2-Methylpropan-1-ol LR EXPIRING 24/05/2022
Quantity: 3

CL020-2-5L-EXP Cyclohexanone LR EXPIRED
Expired on 13/11/2020 - Non-Critical Applications Only
Quantity: 5

MI00201000 iso-Propyl Myristate TG
Expired on 05/2021 - Non-Critical Applications Only
Quantity: 1

SA087-500G-EXP Silver Nitrate AR EXPIRED
Expired 13/01/2021 Non-Critical Applications Only
Quantity: 1

SA189-100G Sodium Azide AR, EUD REQ.
EXPIRING 19/02/2023
Quantity: 2

SL005-5KG-EXP Sodium Acetate Anhydrous LR EXPIRED
Expired 13/04/2020 - Non-Critical Applications Only
Quantity: 4

Reach out to customer service at sales@westlab.com.au if you are interested
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