year 12 ester prac

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year 12 ester prac

Post by annettegascoigne » 21 May 2019, 11:31

Hi All,
There is a year 12 chemistry prac in the new syllabus that uses decanoic acid and salicylic acid (Pearson 12 prac 7.4) to make esters. Because these are in powdered form they need to be made into a solution. I am not sure what strength to make them. The prac does not specify. Has anyone else had to prepare this one and are you able to help?

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Re: year 12 ester prac

Post by AnnNos » 22 May 2019, 07:51

I have used salicylic acid before and have used it as a solid.
Add 5g salicylic acid to 25mL Methanol in a dry 50mL round bottom flask. Add boiling chips and reflux for 90 minutes.
I haven't used decanoic acid before.

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