Chemical store Room

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Chemical store Room

Post by kimmy » 02 May 2019, 10:10

Doing a big clean up in Chemical Store Room.
Making sure everything is in the correct order and on correct shelf/tray.

Just curious how everyone stores there chemicals and in what order do you have everything.

Mine are in there appropriate groups, I also have acids separate, and also a flammable cabinet. My dropper bottles are also all together along with solutions that are already made up.

Just wondering what everyone else does and how there store room is set our. Photos would be great.
We have the Gratnells Storage Frames and shelves which I think are great.

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Re: Chemical store Room

Post by Merilyn1 » 03 May 2019, 10:24

Separate your dangerous goods category ie oxidisers away from flammable. Corrosive acids away from corrosive bases. That sort of thing, but sounds like you're already there.
I then keep solids above liquids. So, for example, oxidiser solids are above the solutions. I also store the droppers in this area as well. Not all solutions are hazardous, so the storage of these doesn't need to follow any protocol, however, I usually keep them together in their original classification so I can easily find them. So 0.1M sodium hydroxide, is still stored with the corrosive bases.
My only deviation to this is I store all the dropper bottles of indicators together. None are incompatible but some are flammable. They are away from oxidisers and still kept in the locked chem store but are in small quantities. It's just easier to find them this way. Probably not entirely correct, but the auditor didn't say anything.
I'll take some photos later today and post. Not in that part of the college at the moment.

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