Dynamic trolleys

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Dynamic trolleys

Post by remlap12 » 01 Apr 2019, 13:27

Hi all,

We need to purchase some new dynamic trolleys. Apparently there are wooden (we have those at the moment, very old), plastic and metal types.
Has anyone purchased any recently, or which ones, in general, do you recommend getting?
Appreciate your thoughts.... :thumbup: \:D/

Also, looking at purchasing a ripple tank.....same thing, recommendations, please and thank you :coffee:

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Re: Dynamic trolleys

Post by Merilyn1 » 01 Apr 2019, 13:55

Hi Helen
We have a few of the grey plastic and metal creations - not sure where they came from, but pretty common. I've seen Scientrific have some red ones that look okay as well.
As for a ripple tank - have a look at Logical Interface for a digital version. No problems with water and overhead projectors. It seemed really clever and the teachers can do a lot with it.

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Re: Dynamic trolleys

Post by KylaW » 03 Apr 2019, 08:01

Hi Helen,

Currently wondering the same thing!

We have some older metal ones. The wheels constantly fall off and bits break but they are easily repaired, providing you have/can make spare parts.
We also have some of the newer plastic red & grey ones. They are much sturdier, but when the internal firing pin breaks you essentially have to pull apart the whole trolley to fix it.

I've looked at the newer wooden ones but again, for safety reasons I assume, all the working parts seem to be internal.
I'm contemplating buying a class set of the cheap incline plane halls carts from Serrata for all pracs where they don't need to use the firing mechanism, and maybe some more red & grey ones.

Hopefully someone has a solution!

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Re: Dynamic trolleys

Post by gotolady » 10 Apr 2019, 12:33

Hi fellow labbies. We purchased a ripple tank last year from Serrata $585 that makes our teachers happy and we also got some collision trolleys from Westlab that are terrific $117 for a pair.
Hope this helps

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