cobalt chloride solution storage

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cobalt chloride solution storage

Post by shellythenewlabby » 18 Feb 2019, 08:31

Good morning everyone

Just wondering do you keep your cobalt chloride solution in a clear/plastic dropper bottles or a brown glass bottles :-?

Thanks heaps
Michelle :D

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Re: cobalt chloride solution storage

Post by Labbie » 18 Feb 2019, 10:46

We stored ours in Amber glass (Brown) bottles
Regards Labbie

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Re: cobalt chloride solution storage

Post by Merilyn1 » 18 Feb 2019, 13:33

Ours are just in the standard amber dropper bottles. However, I find the rubber teats perish quickly, so store them with a plain cap on and put dropper assembly in when they are ordered (which is hardly ever). I do this with a few things that attack the rubber and especially if they don't get used often.

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