blood- splatter and skin safe

Request or contribute your recipes here. You can also try doing a search, as there are some old recipe posts which have not or cannot be moved over to this forum.
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blood- splatter and skin safe

Post by superbug »

Hi & cheers Everyone,

I was hoping that someone would share with me their recipe for fake blood to be splattered.
My last attempt was a fail as it was too watery.
I also require one that can be placed on skin for a crime scene.

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Re: blood- splatter and skin safe

Post by Milo »

We did a a fake blood activity a couple of years ago, although it was more "making fake wounds" than blood splatter. I asked the drama teacher what they used for this, and if I recall correctly their method used chocolate topping and red food colouring; if you want it thicker you can add corn flour.
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Re: blood- splatter and skin safe

Post by Lyn »

Google - FSB06 blood spatter. Hopefully it will give a site (FSB blood spatter) that has a number of blood spatter recipes (Forensic Investigations) you can work with. But you have to make sure that the 06 is included in the search.
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Re: blood- splatter and skin safe

Post by Shell1 »

Try steve spangler science as he has a few good recipes
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Re: blood- splatter and skin safe

Post by kimmy »

Fake Blood Recipe

175 g Cornflour
75 ml Water
175 ml Golden Syrup
Red food colouring
Green food colouring

Mix cornflour and water
Add golden syrup
Add the red and green food colouring (you will need to play around with quantities or these until you get the desired colour).
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