Algal Ball photosynthesis prac

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Algal Ball photosynthesis prac

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Does anyone do this? What type of lamp do you use and do you use cellophane for the coloured filters?

We did it for the first time with mixed success. The light intensity worked...but not in the 30min time frame the teachers wanted but the light colour showed no difference no matter what. It is a great prac and I know if we tweek it we can get it right, but I need some more brains to work out what is happening.
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Re: Algal Ball photosynthesis prac

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Ask Southern Biological, they are fantastic. We had them out to our Gippsland PD and they demonstrated that prac, but I forget what happened. We do it with little circles of silverbeet and/or agapanthus I think, cellophane, and just in the north facing windows. Probably needs a bit longer depending on the colour filter?
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