How many of us wear Lab coats??

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Do you wear your lab coat on a daily base?

Yes I do wear my lab coat daily
No I only wear it some times
Total votes: 101

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Re: How many of us wear Lab coats??

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Hey Pam
You know I wear Shorts 9 months of the year
And get some strange looks with coat over shorts, but we are not in a fashion parade!
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Re: How many of us wear Lab coats??

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In a previous job, I crucified myself by trying to catch a falling petrie dish. It hit the bench, cracked, and drove a large shard through my hand. So I went off to the hospital in my pink lab coat. I was ushered straight past a packed waiting room, given priority treatment, had the glass picked out and was given a preventative antibiotic shot. Then one of the doctors asked me was Dr Whoever in today. EH? Turns out the path techs in that hospital wear pink lab coats, and they thought I was a staff member. :thumbup: Makes one want to keep a lab coat in the car at all times, for the silver service.
Cheers, K 8-)
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Re: How many of us wear Lab coats??

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Hello lab coat fans!
Noticed this post was started last September but I thought I would comment anyway.
I wear my lab coat every day - love it - for most of the reasons aforementioned - warmth, cleanliness, identification (& for a laugh).
After one female staff member commented I looked like I was coming to do her PAP smear I did a similar thing to Lizzie B - I have tie dyed my lab coat - looks a treat. It's a lovely sky blue with white splodges in differing gradients all over it. No mistaking me for a pathologist now! LOL - shall post a picture when I get a good one and figure out how!
The Search Engine
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