Do you get moved around????????

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DO you get moved around?

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Yes I do
Yes & I Do not like it
No never have been moved.
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Re: Do you get moved around????????

Post by macca »

I'm going on long service leave Thurs 1st Dec. for the rest of the year. I'm being called in within that time for an W.H.&S Audit. A lady in the canteen is taking my place, she will be coming for one day only to spend with me, before hand and will have one day trial without out me before I go. How do you think the poor women will go. Didn't realise we made the chemicals up!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Do you get moved around????????

Post by vickir »

Oh, I feel so sorry for the lady replacing you and also you having to come back after your LSL. It's just not fair, but seems to happen far too often. During the September holidays last year, I broke my arm very close to my elbow, so it wasn't able to be plastered (only a heavy bandage) so my doctor wouldn't let me return to work until it was healed.
There was an option to put someone from the office who had replaced me for a few weeks, a few years back (by the way she has a BSc) in the position but she was too important in the office. Also, there is another woman that works 3 days per week who had worked with me previously (HT teacher was happy to have me covered 3 days a week). BUT, a casual that had never worked in Science was put here, you can imagine what I came back to, and as soon as I said something to the SAM I was in the wrong, so it was easier for me to say nothing, and hope that I never have to have any time off while I'm employed here because I take a lot of pride in my work (as we all do).
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