Do you help with your Science Budet

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Do you Help with science Budget

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Never have
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Re: Do you help with your Science Budet

Post by sunray18 »

I just ORDER! I f I see anything over and above our usual purchases - any gear that is new and interesting- I print up all details about it AND an order forma nd then give it to HOD. We only stop spending when the Principal says to. We do not have a budget.
I order extra's if i can - eg an extra box of beakers if I am ordering beakers- and these go into storage for future use. I have quite a store now of glassware and other consumables. If in the future we do have budgets issued then I have a hedge to keep us going for quite a while.
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Re: Do you help with your Science Budet

Post by smiley »

Naturally, all of what I say relates to when I'm actually at work, but my replacement does the same thing, which is....

I hold my own PO book, and I do all the ordering. After all, I know what needs replacing, what broke during the year, and what we didn't have enough of last time we did Experiment X. My HOD discusses new directions in the Australian Curriculum, and we talk about what we might need to implement that.

With a bunch of new labs, and (praise the Lord) a Principal who likes things to look shiny new, not ancient and battered, we have been acquiring new sets of general lab equipment, and have been able to take advantage of new technology, like the silicon hot mats mentioned elsewhere.

I have a "Consumables" budget, and an "Equipment" budget, and I keep a reasonable eye on where the money is going. We have the usual interdepartmental debates over some issues, e.g. Why do I have to buy paper towel for hand washing out of my budget when the rest of the school gets to wash & dry their hands on the "general" budget?

Personally, I would HATE not having input (you're all surprised I know!), so I'm happy with the status quo here.
Cheers, K 8-)
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Re: Do you help with Science budget???????

Post by Wayne »

[quote="DavidPeterson Definitely not the only one! If I didn't do it - we'd have nothing, as our Co-ordinator leaves it all to me to research, locate, get pricing and purchase. She signs major purchase orders but that's just a formality as she'll sign anything I put under her nose......[/quote]

I'm the same. In the past I would have to get HOD to sign all purchases, but now my signature on the PO is enough. Still have to get the School Finance Officer to sign off on it though, like every other depatment.
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Re: Do you help with your Science Budet

Post by tuesday »

I help with the science budget and do all the orders as well
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