How long do you have for orders?

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How long do you get for orders?

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24 hours
48 hours
no time at all
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Re: lack of planning

Post by rae »

I think that is my biggest bug-bear ever in this job. That assumption that I will put it away if they get it out. :mad: :mad:
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Re: lack of planning

Post by bindibadgi »

Yeees, they do seem to think we magical pixies will flutter in & clean everything up don't they?
Here's my whinge.....last week, a teacher had nothing organised for her lesson, so she came in & took the bathroom scales & a big tape measure, the 50m type they use on field trips.

After the lesson I went into the lab & found the scales on the floor, box kicked under a bench, lights & air con on.....& the 50m tape measure completely unwound, snaking all over the floor right across the front of the room!!
Absolutely impossible not to notice it was there, so I guess she couldn't even be bothered to pick it up, let alone wind it back up :redcard:

Also..... we have a shared coffee machine in our little staffroom of 5 people......they keep leaving it switched on, & it's never switched off at the end of the day when I close up, so I used my dymo to make a label saying 'please switch machine off after you use it' in big bold type on a white label, & stuck it on top of the black coffee machine....stands out a mile......this morning I went in to make myself a cup & found it on, little standby light blinking. I politely asked why I should bother making labels if no one reads them, & the guy who left it on said 'oh, did you mean for us to switch it off?' :cry2:

Some of these people are definitley swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool!! :crazy:
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Re: lack of planning

Post by macca »

Some of these people are definitley swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool!! :cheesy: :cheesy: :cheesy:

little whinge or lack of planning, all I know is I have a headache already :crazy:

11 pracs for today over 5 periods, shuffling the lack of equipment from one tub to another. Period 1. three pracs. 1 done, 1 forgot, 1 booked the wrong prac.
Period 2 NOW another 3 pracs booked none done, peer suport year 7 on the year calender not the weekly bulletin :redcard: :redcard: :redcard:

It's only got to get better.
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Re: How long do you have for orders?

Post by curie »

And as if to prove the point - teacher stole 10 scalpels from another teachers tray when I was out, as well as metho and iodine - and left them in the lab!!!! This was after my email (rather politely) asking people to leave the place tidy and work safely. So apart from leaving me wondering where 10 scalpels have gone (we have 2 labs and a classroom that open onto the prep room with NO LOCKS on them)It's just b****disrespectful I wonder what the hell I have to do. #-o :banghead:
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Re: How long do you have for orders?

Post by jodye »'s so nice to know i am not the only one who has to put up with this crap!! I even had a teacher say " jodye we are out of milk!," :coffee: i said yeah, so?? To which the reply of " isn't it your job to make sure we are looked after & that means milk for coffee! " :redcard: He was given a lovely reply & has never mentioned milk again.
I also have the teachers who will get equipment out at the last minute then expect me to put it away,which i do end up doing. How can we train these type of teachers into doing the right thing??? Any suggestions??
I need to learn to say the word NO more often!
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Re: How long do you have for orders?

Post by RosalieM »

Saying 'NO!" doesn't help. I've found it's just easier to get it because if I don't they try to get it themselves then ask "where is this?" and "where will I find that?" and then end up getting bits and pieces for them here and there and if I had just done the whole lot at once would be quicker...
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Re: How long do you have for orders?

Post by noona »

Hi macca
I have days like that I glad I am not the only one :redcard:
Here the Teachers have to get every little thing done so I have 6 labs and 8 teachers all doing pracs every lesson and some even in a classroom :mad: :mad: .
Retirment is looking good 3 terms and 4 weeks :wub: :wub: to go but whos counting :cheesy: :cheesy:
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