1st aid in the Science Lab

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How many of us are 1st Aid qualified?

No - used to be
Total votes: 117

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1st aid in the Science Lab

Post by Slartibartfast »

Just a quick question, it came across my mind when stocking up the science prep room 1st aid cabinet:
Richard Hollinworth
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Re: 1st aid in the Science Lab

Post by dolphinscales »

we have a first aid "box" in my prep room and i am responsible for its up keep. (we get reminded by the nurse 2 times a year to check the box and refill where required - at our expense).
I am not required to have first aid but my personal belief is I should as it will generally be me as teachers send students to when the nurse is not on site.
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Re: 1st aid in the Science Lab

Post by ellice »

We now have a sick bay, with two of the support staff at Student reception trained for first aid. The rule is everyone goes to sick bay. (I do keep a few band aids for minor scratches, and all burns go under water here straight away). In each teacher drawer there is a thick dressing/pad in case of heavy bleeds, and all labs have eye washes and safety showers.
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Re: 1st aid in the Science Lab

Post by sunray18 »

I have 1st Aid cabinets in every Prep room [4 of]. I am 1st Aid trained and get paid the allowance for it.
We have a sick bay in the Admin office and 2 office ladies trained in 1st aid... All of our teachers have to be CPR trained and accredited and most are 1st aid trained also...
Stocking the cabinets is my responsibility, but the cost comes from the school funds..
I also have a comprehensive 1st aid kit in my car and use it if I need to on excursions.. the school has a few in the office for excursions also.
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Re: 1st aid in the Science Lab

Post by Loopy »

Hello everyone,
It's nice to be back.
Our diocese insist that we all are up to date with our first aid certificates so much so that our PDHPE department have all been trained as instructors and we have had a staff development day last Monday all renewing our first aid.
We do keep basic first aid kits in the prep room close to the doors of the labs but in the event of something more serious than a little cut we deliver the students to the office where the incidents are appropriately documented. So far since I have been here nothing serious has happened except for a fainter during a dissection (touch wood).
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Re: 1st aid in the Science Lab

Post by Labbie »

I am only back up for 1st aid, we also have two ladies that do it full time. I only treat the students from Science classes, they take their time to get to the D block were the clinc is. I do not get paid for this, although I have the certificate, as we are only able to have two full time 1st aid's. But as I see about 3 students a months, that ok. I replace stock in our 4 1st aids kits, once a term.
Regards Labbie

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Re: 1st aid in the Science Lab

Post by rp »

Yes I am one .-They always fall over or get sick at lunchtime!
I get payed ten bucks a week allowance so that's OK.
Over a certain ammount of students you are allowed an extra person.
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Re: 1st aid in the Science Lab

Post by bindi »

All staff at our school have a current Senior first aid cetificate.
I think it is a great idea we are also offered further training such as Advanced first aid, Defib and epipen training.
You are reminded at the start of the year and you are hounded to keep it up to date.
Students are also offered training and I have also done a remote first aid training with the Duke of Ed girls.
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Re: 1st aid in the Science Lab

Post by smiley »

I insisted that the school pay for me to get my first aid, after a bunsen flash-back burn in a lab (incorrectly attached hose). I pointed out, quite rightly, that a) I wasn't sending an injured kid across the school, all the way to the front office for any type of science acquired injury, b) half the time the front office may not know how to treat things like an acid burn, and c) the school could get its pants sued off, not to mention me, if I continued to treat kids without a current certificate, even if I DO know what to do.

I don't get the allowance, but I don't care really. I just want to be able to treat children immediately.
Cheers, K 8-)
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Re: 1st aid in the Science Lab

Post by presto2 »

Hi Everyone
I have my First Aid and I am the only SASS who is so I have to run the clinic as well. The ladies are good that they send the sick children home but all accidents falls, burns and blood is me so this keeps me busy.
One day I was heating copper sulphate to disolve and got called out for the clinic and forgot what I was doing in the prep room, came back to horrible smell and gas.
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Re: 1st aid in the Science Lab

Post by michellen »

Can anyone recommend a first aid training provider in Brisbane for our role in the school?
I am keen to go and I can't find one that caters for our unique position of dealing with both laboratory-related risks as well as student injuries/episodes that may not be science/lab related.
I saw one specific for Education and Child Care, but I was hoping for one that would discuss laboratory-related injuries as well.
Or is that wishful thinking?
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