Lab Quest Data loggers.

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Lab Quest Data loggers.

Post by fibreweb »

Earlier this month I received a link from the company that I bought our Lab Quest Data loggers from to where I can get the latest updates.
I have gone to the page with the update via the link
I have downloaded the update and elected to "save" as it is suggested you save to a flash drive and then load from there to the datatlogger.
The update has downloaded and is labelled `LabQuests 2.8.4 Update-Iqa
I only have an "open" option and then a pop-up asking "How do you want to open this file?"
There has been no box with where I wanted the update saved to.
Googling hasn't really helped nor has the "frequently asked questions " on the Vernier page

Has anyone else encountered this and what did they do.
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Re: Lab Quest Data loggers.

Post by Labbie »

See the IT chap at school, we found many things would not open or save on the schools home system, worked fine at home on my pc but not a work, seems that the IT chap has a few problems to sort out.
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Re: Lab Quest Data loggers.

Post by bigmack »

Its probably saved to your "Downloads" Folder

If you click on the downloads folder you should see it in there . If you right click on it , you should get a "Send Too" option which should include your thumb drive or what ever .
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