Congo red indicator

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Marama T
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Congo red indicator

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I was doing a bit of research on Congo red because I'm updating a few labels. Found this - "However, the use of Congo red has long been abandoned, primarily because of its carcinogenic properties. Wikipedia". And this - "Congo Red is an azo dye, it is toxic to many organisms and is a suspected carcinogen and mutagen. ... Its structural stability makes it highly resistant to biodegradation, and obviously its bright color and toxicity are entirely undesirable in the environment." AAAARGH! Will stash it for disposal I think.
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Re: Congo red indicator

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Or collect any waste for disposal. Lots of dyes are carcinogens, depends on quantities. Blue food dye in smarties used to be a known carcinogen. But you'd have to eat a truck load to be impacted. However if you have a good substitute go with that and see if another school wants yours. I ALWAYS regret every stain or dye I got rid of as within a year or 2 I'd get a prac that needed it!
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