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by labman
14 Oct 2010, 14:30
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Old Molecular Model Kits
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Re: Old Molecular Model Kits

This contact came up on our local labbies association forum. I have never used them, but I believe they supply complete kits and spare parts for those older kits.
They are
Ashbee Kits and Products

They are in Mt Gambier, South Aust.
by labman
11 Jun 2010, 18:14
Forum: Biology, Physics...
Topic: OctoCam!
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Re: OctoCam!

Thanks Xenon,
I have seen it a few times, it's pretty big.
Here's another link for animal watchers. Living in S.A., this one's a favourite.
Lisa ... dacam.html
by labman
27 May 2010, 16:12
Forum: Safety with Chemicals
Topic: Test Tagging of electrical equipment?
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Re: Test Tagging of electrical equipment?

Well Ian, You've got me combing through all the legislation at the moment, as I had never heard of a "relaxing of the rules". Also, I'm in another state, so that makes a huge difference. I do the electrical testing for the Science area at my school, and was sent to a course by the school to learn ho...
by labman
17 Mar 2010, 12:19
Forum: Miscellaneous
Topic: Teacher declarations
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Re: Teacher declarations

Maree, I must say, I had never given this much thought until I read your post. I call my children 'pet' names, including 'darl' and 'sweet', but I rarely say these things to anyone else. I have people around me here at my school though, that call me sweety or love, and I think nothing of it. I also ...
by labman
30 Nov 2009, 10:50
Forum: Safety with Chemicals
Topic: "I didn't think they needed to"
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Re: Chemical Damage to Eye Poster

Hi Maria,
Macca posted a fairly gory one recently. You can find it in 'Staff Tea Room', and the forum is called "I didn't think they needed to". About half way down the list.
by labman
19 Nov 2009, 09:09
Forum: Sourcing Materials & Eq Repairs
Topic: What water distiller/deioniser should I buy?
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Re: What water distiller/deioniser should I buy?

Hi All, I couldn't be happier with my water distiller. I got it earlier this year. It does 4 litres at a time, in three and a half hours, no waste at all, and you just turn it on and forget it. It turns itself off. It cost about $380, and comes with spare filters, and a special cleaning agent to cle...
by labman
29 Oct 2009, 13:26
Forum: Miscellaneous
Topic: When you don't want to throw it away.....
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When you don't want to throw it away.....

Hi All, Does anyone have any contacts for sending excess equipment/books etc. to underpriviledged schools, either in Australia, or overseas. I'm due for a 'reno' next year, and have started the purging process. Of course, I have offered my 'excess' stuff around, but I am finding others in the same b...
by labman
24 Sep 2009, 14:04
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Topic: Snake preservation - Maybe this one's for Smiley?
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Re: Snake preservation - Maybe this one's for Smiley?

I have a lot of jars of specimens that are half empty/dry, and I am hoping to get around to re-doing them at some stage, so the tips in this forum are very helpful, but I have a couple more questions. 1. I am also doing my chem register at the moment, and I've noticed formaldehyde is still approved ...
by labman
18 Sep 2009, 21:44
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Topic: St Mary's Conference 2009
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Re: St Mary's Conference 2009

There is probably a logical explanation, but I couldn't help noticing you said your brother in law is getting married to one of your best friends. Shouldn't he already be married to your sister 8O .........or shouldn't I ask!!!
by labman
10 Sep 2009, 13:47
Forum: Sourcing Materials & Eq Repairs
Topic: making posters
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Re: making posters

Hi All, I don't do anything here, but at my old school, one of the teachers used to collect any science related stories out of the newspapers, and put them on a series of notice boards in the corridor. Each one was dedicated to a different subject, eg. Space, Earth science, Electronics, Geology etc....
by labman
31 Aug 2009, 15:27
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Topic: Finally, What does Robb Look Like..
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Re: Finally, What does Robb Look Like..

To those wondering why there are no photos,
Robb only left the original photos on the forum for a short time, due to privacy reasons, as his family was in the photo.

I'm always interested in putting faces to names, so I would like to see any photos you put up.
by labman
20 Aug 2009, 14:40
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Topic: Bacteria
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Re: Bacteria

Kiah, You may remember me asking your permission earlier this year to post the slideshow on a "labbie website", and this was it, so many people already have it. Now you're a "Chemtalker" too, I would like to thank you for the great resource, and everyone I have passed it on to has loved it. As Nicky...
by labman
19 Aug 2009, 12:57
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Topic: Qld/NSW position vacant
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Re: Qld/NSW position vacant

Hi Satu11,
Please note the date of the original post. It was posted in 2007. So I'm guessing the position has been filled!!! Cheers,
by labman
17 Aug 2009, 12:45
Forum: Sourcing Materials & Eq Repairs
Topic: Science Equipment Management System
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Re: Science Equipment Management System

Hi Cindy, Our main supplier in S.A. sells a stock control program. I don't have it, but I'm hoping to get it, as ours needs updating as well. I have heard lots of good reports from other labbies about this one, easy to use, etc. It sells for $280. I would be interested to know the price of the one y...
by labman
28 Jul 2009, 10:21
Forum: Miscellaneous
Topic: Asset Registers
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Asset Registers

Hi All, I have been asked to set up an Asset Register for Science. Other depts. will also have their own, and then they will be kept in a central folder. Should I just incorporate it as part of the stock register (which I am re-doing also) so I have the cost of every item covered, or just put the mo...
by labman
21 Jul 2009, 15:30
Forum: Recipes and Pracs
Topic: Red phosphorus
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Re: Red phosphorus

Hi Anne,
This might not apply to your neck of the woods, but in S.A. Red Phosphorous is a banned substance.
by labman
08 Jul 2009, 11:40
Forum: Chemistry and Labware - General
Topic: Lab sand buckets
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Re: Lab sand buckets

Hi All, Lisa, that is exactly what I did. After telling my H.T. that I thought the fire buckets were more of a fire hazard, because the kids threw all their rubbish in them (and whose got time to clear it out in an emergency!!) I removed them from the labs, and just have one in the chemical bunker. ...
by labman
30 Jun 2009, 10:25
Forum: Safety with Chemicals
Topic: Safe Work Procedures?? Risk assessment
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Re: Safe Work Procedures?? Risk assessment

Hi Meg, I would love a copy of both your Chemical Policy, and your SWPs. I am going through all of this stuff too, and any help is great!! Please email Regarding your Phosphoric Acid, if there is not too much of it, perhaps you could further dilute it down, and flu...
by labman
16 Jun 2009, 12:14
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Topic: Update from Slarti McBartfast
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Re: Update from Slarti McBartfast

Hey Richard, So, you made it then!! Even though you're busy, it sounds great. A change is as good as a holiday they say. Can't wait for those jokes and stories. I can imagine what they're like in that part of the country!!! I look forward to hearing more about what you do as well. You might inspire ...
by labman
21 May 2009, 23:50
Forum: Chemistry and Labware - General
Topic: Ammonium nitrate
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Re: Ammonium nitrate

Hi All, I am wondering if anyone has an answer to Ellies' original question in this forum. In South Australia, we are not allowed to keep Ammonium Nitrate in solid form(or purchase it). A couple of years ago, we had to make up any solid we had, into solution, and use it that way, until finished. I a...